1. SafeStitch Medical®, Inc AMID™ Hernia Fixation Device

    The AMIDTM Hernia Fixation Device is a surgical stapler for use during an open inguinal hernia repair using the Lichtenstein method. The design allows for fixation of mesh using staples instead of traditional sutures, drastically reducing mesh insertion time. The staples are delivered in parallel to femoral vessels possibly avoiding vascular injury. Mesh manipulators serve to assist in positioning surgical mesh prior to fixation, requiring less resection of tissue.

    The Challenge

    Develop an inguinal hernia stapler that can staple mesh, using the common Lichtenstein method, with minimal resection of tissue and without injuring the femoral vein or artery.

    Synectic’s Solution

    • Develop a staple design that maximizes efficient staple deployment
    • Staple stack fixed below tip to expand vision window
    • Incorporate a 45° angle into the shaft for easy positioning of staples

    The Result : Complete functional, production ready, design by Synectic