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  1. Spotlight on STEM: Synectic at Polson Middle School


    What happens when you take a class of eighth graders, office supplies, and Synectic Engineering? You get the best STEM career day ever!


    Mac McMurray getting ready to speak with the students at Polson Middle School about product design


    Synectic’s Mac McMurray and Kathleen Murray visited Polson Middle School in Madison, CT for their Math and Science Career Day. They met with three classes of eighth graders to discuss product design engineering and put those concepts to the test. The students were given a scenario and some office supplies with the task of constructing a paper airplane.

    FDM printed 3D plane given to the winner

    Once complete, they were able to test and re-engineer their design, before competing against their classmates to see who could fly their plane the farthest. The winner of each class received a 3D printed stealth fighter from Synectic’s own FDM machine. Synectic wants to thank Polson Middle School for inviting us to talk about a rewarding career in STEM. We had an amazing time.


    Do you have a child who may be interested in an engineering career? Try out our airplane scenario at home and see where it may take them.

    • You will need:
      • Construction paper
      • Paper clips
      • Pencils
      • Tape
      • Scissors
      • Any other office supplies you want to add
    • Scenario: You need to get a message across a river using a paper airplane
    • Suggestions: Set a distance goal for the airplane that will be the river in this scenario. Have your child design what they feel is the ideal paper airplane using any of the above materials. Once they are done designing, they can test it out to see how far it can fly. Does the plane make it across the river? If not, discuss with them how they can make it fly farther. Talk to them about some physical and environmental challenges, such as wind and weight, which may prevent it from flying further. Have them re-engineer their airplane using the same piece of paper, and then retest. For an added challenge you can pretend that you are the client and give your child specifications for how you want the plane built, such as only using one piece of paper, two paperclips, and three pieces of tape. Does their plane fly better using the challenge items? Why or why not? Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

    Mac’s son Ryder with his paper airplane design

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  2. Synectic continues to Grow and Improve!


    Synectic® Engineering is a product design and development company, servicing client engineering needs for 35 years. In this fast paced market for design and engineering services, Synectic® is keeping up to speed with our clients’ needs. As we continue to grow our services, Synectic® has always looked at ways of improving our capabilities by reducing cost and lead times. One of the new tools in our portfolio to improve in-house industrial design and human factors modeling is a new FDM printer.


    The purchase of the Dimension’s Elite FDM printer enables us to have a more iterative design process, putting human factor models in customers’ hands earlier in the process than ever before. Within a matter of days, we now have the ability to design a part, print a prototype, review the part’s design, make changes and print another prototype to validate the changes made. In the past, this process would have taken one to two weeks to complete using off-site suppliers. Using this rapid–prototyping technology on-site, Synectic® can now verify ergonomics and aesthetics, as well as functionality, early on. This will allow our clients to experiment with their design concepts and test their engineering limits, saving time and money while improving on overall look and functionality.


    If you have any questions about FDM process or you have a project that needs quoting, please forward request to: info@synectic.net  We look forward to discussing your next project with you!